The Moon Hell – v1.01 – FitGirl Repacks

Greetings. Our team is from Ukraine, it consists of 2 people. We developed this game in our spare time for more than 3 years.
Unfortunately, the main part had to be developed during the war.
We are happy to present you THE MOON HELL
THE MOON HELL is a third-person action RPG set in a fantasy mood in all game elements: sound, levels, light, atmosphere and other.
We designed the levels of the game with an explicit goal to encourage exploration.
Players who decide to visit every last nook and cranny of the map will be aptly rewarded for their curiosity.
Players will also have the freedom to choose their own path and gradually get to know the world of the game. On their way to the final confrontation, players will be fighting many unique enemy types and brutal bosses.
Our title is built around a bespoke non-target action combat system. We designed it to make every punch visceral. A successful strike on an enemy makes you feel the crushing weight of the blow. Every time the player’s character gets hit, it’s impossible not to flinch.
The camera is tied to the action, giving players total control over their character.
The game features four different weapon classes, each built for a completely different playstyle.
We based one of the pillars of our game’s design on a simple idea: at all times, the player should feel their next mistake can be their last.
Game Features

Players can expect between 8 and 20 hours of gameplay (depending on how they play), as well as:- 6 unique locations with a unique atmosphere
Non target combat system, which depends on the selected weapon
AI variety – each AI has its own habits and character of combat
A variety of weapons, shields and armor
Secret places
An interesting study of every corner of the location

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