Madshot: Road to Madness – v0.349 (Release) – FitGirl Repacks

The road to madness starts here
Play as an alchemist and metaphysician who meddled with dark forces one time too many. Dragged into an infinite abyss of madness and monsters. How will he escape?
You are in ControlDoge, roll, dash, wall jump, flip, while simultaneously shooting. Madshot: Road to madness offers fluid and responsive movement, you’re always in control of the mayhem.
Endless hordesSlaughter, Subdue and control endless hordes of enemies. Get the highest score possible, challenge your friends or climb the online leaderboards.
Create lethal combinationsThere’s a big focus on synergies between unlockable weapons, sidearms, upgrades, and ultimate abilities. Discovering the right combinations will be vital.

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